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Early Season Arctic Blast - November 2013

November 12, 2013
In the Wise Area of Wise County, Virginia
Shocking Hit of Cold Accompanied Arctic Blast
Photograph by Roddy Addington - © All Rights Reserved.

Strong temperature drops on November 12 made conditions feel 40+ degrees colder than at the same time 24-hours earlier, making this early season blast of arctic air simply shocking!

November 12, 2013
Falling Snow & Dropping Temps
Wintry Scene In Wise County
Photograph by Roddy Addington - © All Rights Reserved.

Rod Addington Photography

Much more snow and cold air have occurred before, of course, at this time of year, but this blast was notable for a transition which drove pleasant 50-60+ degree temps on November 11 into the 10s and 20s during November 12 ( producing the first 0 to 10 degree wind chills of the season - Ouch! ). 

November 12, 2013
Wise County, Virginia
Looking & Feeling Like Winter In The Wise Area
Photograph Courtesy of Randy Toohey & WCYB Archive

A data sampling courtesy of Wayne & Genevie Riner's weather station on Long Ridge of Sandy Ridge, 4 air miles SSE of Nora and to the ENE of Wise, revealed the change at 2650 feet elevation.

Midnight to 6:30 PM
Nora 4 SSE - Long Ridge of Sandy Ridge
Hourly Weather Conditions November 12
Courtesy of Wayne & Genevie Riner

While up to 35 degrees of temperature difference was noted on the automated thermometer, which tends to run 1-2 degrees above the official NWS MMTS system, actual feels-like conditions were 40-50 degrees colder during the afternoon of November 12
verses November 11 when factoring in wind gusts!

12:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Nora 4 SSE - Long Ridge of Sandy Ridge
Comparison With Afternoon of November 11
Courtesy of Wayne & Genevie Riner

Conditions atop the High Knob Massif and along Black Mountain were coldest with temperatures dropping into the 10s as early as the Noon to 1:00 PM period on November 12, with wind chill factors dipping to around 0 degrees ( on Eagle Knob ).

( 18 degrees / Rime & Light Snow )
November 12, 2013 at 1:53 PM
Eagle Knob of High Knob Massif
Image by Steve Blankenbecler - © All Rights Reserved.

While 1" or less of snow depth was reported across much of the area, especially below 2000 feet, 1-2" occurred along the corridor from Kingdom Come State Park to Breaks Interstate Park on 
Pine Mountain ( along the VA-KY border ).

NASA visible images were interesting as the cold air began to
push into the southern Appalachians, with vertically raised clouds highlighting both the mountains and eroded calcareous cores of the Powell Valley Anticline, along the High Knob Landform, and the Sequatchie Valley Anticline in southern Tennessee.

November 12, 2013
NASA Visible Image at 1302 UTC ( 8:02 AM )

November 12, 2013
NASA Visible Image at 1302 UTC ( 8:02 AM )

November 12, 2013
NASA Visible Image at 1302 UTC ( 8:32 AM )

November 12, 2013
Counties Overlayed On Image
NASA Visible Image at 1332 UTC ( 8:02 AM )

Observe the nice mountain waves ( gravity waves )
that were being generated during this time.

November 12, 2013
NASA Visible Image at 1515 UTC ( 10:15 AM )

November 12, 2013
NASA Visible Image at 1632 UTC ( 12:32 PM )

The bottom of this temperature slide was reached with 10-15 degree MINS being reported at highest elevations into November 13 and across mid-upper elevation valleys during AM hours of November 14 ( valley mins often tend to be a day or so later than ridges following strong cold air advection ).

Valley temperatures dropped into the 10s to lower 20s again
into early hours of November 15 ( with increasing high clouds ).

November 12, 2013
Snow Falling Upon Autumn Scene In Wise
Photograph by Roddy Addington - © All Rights Reserved.

Climate Statistics
For November 1-15

( Lower Elevations of Russell Fork Basin )
Clintwood 1 W - Elevation 1560 feet
Average Daily MAX: 55.7 degrees
Average Daily MIN: 27.5 degrees
Nov 1-15 MEAN: 41.6 degrees
Highest Temperature: 71 degrees
Lowest Temperature: 16 degrees
Total Precipitation: 0.79"
2013 Precipitation Total: 42.32"

( Northern Base of High Knob Massif )
City of Norton - Elevation 2141 feet
Average Daily MAX: 53.0 degrees
Average Daily MIN: 26.0 degrees
Nov 1-15 MEAN: 39.5 degrees
Highest Temperature: 68 degrees
Lowest Temperature: 13 degrees
*2013 Precipitation Total: 51.85"
*( As of November 8 )

( Along the Tennessee Valley Divide )
Nora 4 SSE - Elevation 2650 feet
Average Daily MAX: 52.0 degrees
Average Daily MIN: 34.7 degrees
Nov 1-15 MEAN: 43.4 degrees
Highest Temperature: 66 degrees
Lowest Temperature: 13 degrees
Total Precipitation: 0.71"
2013 Precipitation Total: 49.51"

The first half of November 2013 was seasonally chilly and drier than average, with a general 
UP and DOWN weather pattern.

November 1, 2013
U.S. Route 23 ( Country Music Highway )
Outside of Wise Along The Tennessee Valley Divide
Photograph by Roddy Addington - © All Rights Reserved.

Although past peak, autumn colors lingered 
in protected places of lower-middle elevations 
into the beginning of the month.

November 1, 2013
Along the Tennessee Valley Divide
Last Colors Of Autumn 2013 On Long Ridge
Photograph by Genevie Riner - © All Rights Reserved.

Genevie Riner Photograph Thoughts...
"After the wind and rain, the fall foliage still lingered. The color was later this year up here 
on the mountain."

November 1, 2013
Long Ridge of Sandy Ridge
Late Season Colors Linger Around Mountain Pond
Photograph by Genevie Riner - © All Rights Reserved.

Although subject to tough conditions during the orographic forcing season of November-April ( or October-May in some seasons ), Long Ridge is like many places along the Tennessee Valley Divide and rests amid the thermal belt zone where night-time temperatures tend to be milder than both valleys below and ridges above this elevation zone.

**The Thermal Belt being a favored elevation zone
for Orchards, Wineries, and any frost sensitive crops.

November 2, 2013
Long Ridge of Tennessee Valley Divide
Rainbow Amid A Mountain Shower
Photograph by Wayne Riner - © All Rights Reserved.

Wayne Riner Photograph Thoughts...
"A passing shower gives us a nice evening rainbow."

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